Monday, June 3, 2013

Starting Over

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This past weekend's weather: OMG. It was so hot! (up to 90F)

I've made some big decisions for this growing season. The biggest is that I'm not growing anything - well, nothing new, anyway.

November, 2012
My vegetable garden beds are in terrible shape. I didn't rotate crops and the soil isn't doing very well. The walk ways around the beds are no longer walkways. The grass kept creeping in until it was right up against the bed borders, and that's really not acceptable for the setup and for mowing around the garden. Also, despite my best efforts, weeds inside the beds are still awful.

So, I decided that there would be no vegetable garden this year. I pulled up all wood ties and stacked them neatly by the house and the Father-in-law mowed right over the beds so that the weeds are at least short.

I'm going to spend the summer rebuilding the beds. I'm going to level them out (I even bought a real level!), cover the area with weed suppressant (weed blocker for the walk way, cardboard and newspaper for the actual beds) and then rebuild the wood borders.

After that, I'll fill them with good soil and compost. My garden isn't large but I'm not going to try to do it all at once. When I do that, I tend to take shortcuts I regret later. Yes, I'm going to miss my fresh tomatoes and squash and cucumbers and peas, but I really need to do this, and doing it slowly over the next few months ensures that it will be done right.

This is a common work pattern for me. I start to do something and then halfway through realize I'm either doing it wrong or that there's a better/easier/smarter way to do it. I will then scrap it all and start over from scratch. It sounds wasteful (and it sometimes is) but this method almost always leads to much better results and rejuvenates my passion for the project.

Who knows, maybe it'll actually cause me to update this blog on a regular basis. Hey, it could happen!
Judy Tenuta - Giver Goddess

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