Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Today's expected weather: Sunny with a high of 52 degrees Fahrenheit - finally some nice weather

Everything is at least a few weeks behind here in Maine as far as Spring is concerned. Winter has lingered and this means my Spring cleanup chores have been put off, and put off...and put off.

But no more! This week we have at least 4 days of sunny weather in the 50's and I plan to take advantage of them.

The winter was not kind to our trees and in addition to the regular yard debris of sticks and leaves, there are several larger branches that broke off over the past few months making my annual yard clean-up work more difficult. I normally try to do it all in a day and I normally curse myself for it.

I'm determined to do it wisely this time around and have a schedule mapped out for myself, as follows:

Monday (today): Clean up the Smoke Bush area of the yard, including under the one large Maple tree close by. I'll also pull the leaf bags covering the Iris beds.

Tuesday: Clean up what I call the 'island', which is the strip of land created by the street and our 'U' driveway. There are three and a half Maple trees in the island.

Wednesday: Clean up the far side of the front yard, which also holds three Maple trees. These three were hit hardest this winter and there are a lot of large branches to clean up there.

Thursday: Clean up the 'back' yard, which has two Maple trees to clean up after. I'll also clean up any 'decorations' left behind by Max this winter. He's been good about doing his business in the field but there were a few times that he couldn't make it back there.

Friday: My day of rest. I don't do anything on Friday nights except watch movies with  my husband.

Saturday and Sunday: Clean up the debris days - these are the days that I'll haul all those sticks to the back of the field and add it to our brush pile. I also hope to pull all the leaf bags from the sides of the house and rake out the leaves that accumulated in the flower beds over the winter. I'll add some of the leaves to my compost bins and add the rest to the brush pile.

Of course, this all depends on whether or not I can borrow someone's truck or trailer to haul all of this away. If not, then the leaf bags will stay behind the house until I can.

I have no idea if all of this will actually get done. If I'm too tired after work that day's work will be postponed, but I truly hope that by Sunday, the yard is clear of winter's 'trash' and that I have a clean slate to work with.

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