Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So...heh heh

Yes, that's meant to be an embarrassed titter.

As you can probably guess, this year was pretty much a bust for me in the garden and pretty much all areas of my life. I let my sorrow get the best of me and I did the bare minimum to get by.

Ironically the flower gardens have never looked better. My husband contends that they look so good only because of the hard work I've put into them in years past. That sounds nice so I'll go with that.

Surprise Sunflower, courtesy of the bird feeders' seeds
We are both still sad about our pooch but we have started talking about adopting a new canine family member - probably not until Spring so that it's easier to house train. (For some reason dogs don't like to try to do their business in three feet of snow. Go figure.) So I suppose that means we're starting to pull out of our funk.

I can only hope that means that I'll feel like gardening again next year - get the projects done that I wanted to get done this year.

I can't promise, but I have hope.