Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden Visitors

While I worked last week I had several garden visitors, most of them welcome.

I spotted this little guy while pruning my Iceburg Rose bush.

Green and Fuzzy Caterpillar

I watched this Butterfly flit around my garden all afternoon hoping that it would land and let me take some pictures. It finally found the Rhododendron but kept rushing away when I got near. However, it kept returning and either realized I wasn't a threat or figured the gain was worth the risk. As he circled the blooms I got about a dozen beautiful shots.
Swallowtail Butterfly
If it had been up to the several Bumblebees buzzing around the garden the Butterfly wouldn't have gotten anything. As I took pictures of the Butterfly this one particular Bumblebee kept flying into it, trying to keep it away. But that Butterfly was persistent. The Bumble finally just picked another flower and left the Butterfly alone.
Busy Busy Bumblebee
This last visitor is a permanent one. I found several of these guys at Marden's, a Maine staple, and picked up a few. I really cheers up the garden in those empty spaces.
Patience, Grasshopper...

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