Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love Maine. It still has seasons.

However, being a gardener in Maine can be a bit frustrating. While much of the country is starting their gardening season, even if it's just Spring cleanup, we Mainers have to watch in envy while we wait for the several feet of snow in our yards to melt away.

So, that first day of relatively warm weather can really perk the spirits and today it finally came. The forecast a few days ago said it was going to get up to 58 degrees today which thrilled me but it looks like it's actually going to get up to almost 65 degrees which makes me ecstatic.

No, there's still nothing I can really do in the gardens, not even cleanup, because two feet of snow just won't melt in a day. But at least I can walk outside without taking five minutes to pull on the coat, then the gloves, then the scarf and finally the hat.

Spring can be a tease up here in Maine - giving us a couple of warm days only to plunge back down into the teens and dump another foot of snow on us - but I'm hopeful that we'll skip all that and the weather will be nice this year. After the winter I've had, I need an early, long Spring.

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