Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Year in Review

2012 is crowding its way in and will be here in 5 days leaving 2011 in our rear-view mirrors. Good riddance, I say.

No, 2011 wasn't my best year in almost all aspects of my life but here on this blog I'll just focus on the ups and downs of my gardening world to recap the past 12 months.

Spring was a few weeks late this year so January through April were my planning months - plans that I eventually didn't use. I rarely ever do. The one plan that I did follow through with was my back yard shade garden.

It'll get better...hopefully

As you can see it didn't really end up as I had hoped but I know that it will most likely fill in and I plan to add a few more Hosta to it this year.

Overall my flower gardens did quite well in 2011. I didn't move the Iris as I planned or plant more roses but I did do more fill-in with Hosta. My existing plants flowered nicely and for the first time in years my front flower gardens didn't look lopsided or sad.

Needed more mulch but otherwise quite nice
The vegetable garden, however, was pretty much a failure. The only vegetables that grew were the Peas and the Crookneck Squash. I got about 3 tomatoes from the 5 plants I planted, I got just a few Buttercup squash and they rotted quickly. Those strange Squmpkins had shells so hard I couldn't cut them open except for one tiny one and no one really wanted to try eating them anyway. My cucumbers were a malformed mess and although I got plenty of Strawberries, the ants ate them before I could pick them.

The sunflowers did well. There was that, at least.

By the end of the growing season I was glad to clear out the garden beds and put them away for winter. I can only hope that I can do better next year. It's going to be lonely, though, without my garden helper.

She kept the Hottentots away, you know.

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