Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not gone, just busy

Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been so busy with work that I can barely breathe. The company I work for just acquired 3 new locations...and anyone who lives in Maine probably knows who I work for now. :)

The garden has been 'closed' for the year anyway, so there's not much to report. Here are a couple of shots of the garden and surrounding trees.

Prepared for next year
Golden front yard Maple


  1. Lucky you to be so busy at work. Great job security. I'm pretty sure I can guess who you work for :) It's nice to have a Maine company grow instead of getting squeezed out by national chains.

    Gardening is just about over for us here in Southern Maine as well. The expected snow this week will probably make this more of a reality.

  2. I know the feeling when work dares to take over gardening time. Still, in the current climate it's a good thing I suppose. My garden is still a mess, which is nothing new.