Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Frost this Week

Today's Weather: Rainy/Thunderstorms with a high of  68 degrees Fahrenheit

Yes, Fall is coming. The rain today is hailing in a cold front and tomorrow the high is supposed to be only 58 degrees F. Over the weekend it'll 'warm up' to 68 and stay that way for at least a few days.

For any Maine readers out there, be warned - there's supposed to be frost on Friday and Saturday night. If you haven't harvested, you better do so or cover up those crops!

I'm glad to see Fall come this year. It's not been my best gardening year. I was in that funk for a long time (still not really out of it, but it's going to be a moot point in a few weeks anyway) and most of my vegetables didn't do well at all. Out of four tomato plants I planted, I got a total of four tomatoes - which are still not ripe. They will have to finish that process indoors because I'm cutting them when I get home from work tonight.

The only thing that did well this year - and it ALWAYS does well for me - were the crookneck squash. This makes me happy because I love crookneck squash fried with onions, green peppers and cubed chicken.

And then there are the Squash/Pumpkin 'things' my husband has dubbed Squmpkins.

But I love Autumn and I expect my spirits will lift as the leaves change color and then fall to the ground. I hope we have a long Autumn this year and that the really cold weather doesn't start until November.

Taken September 7, 2011 - Early changers

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