Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am in a funk. This is not unusual for me but this year it's the worst that I can remember in a long time. It's caused my 'scrap it all' thinking to arrive about a month early.

It happens every year. As the seasons change from Summer to Fall I start itching to put the garden away, to just be done with it. The things that didn't do as well as I hoped just irk me and I don't want to look at them anymore. The things that are doing better than I ever imagined just irk me and I don't want to look at them anymore.

I just find the whole thing irksome.

I found myself pre-planning our Halloween display yesterday.

And I still haven't figured out my garden plans. It's obvious that the Hydrangea has to move. Even when it receives enough water the sun is just too much for it. When I planted it I didn't know it was a shade lover and it gets a full 6 hours of sun every day and it just doesn't like it.

And then there's the scraggly appearance of it all. The only garden passersby see is the front garden and that's the one that always looks scruffy, like my childhood dog. I want it to be full - and this year it looks its fullest ever - but I still have yet to achieve that look.

Hopefully I'll cheer up soon. I would hate to find myself ripping up flowers mid-August simply out of frustration.


  1. I looked at my garden last week and thought it looked "tired".....and it was only 8 weeks since I planted the darn thing. I'm always ready to move on to the next season before the 3 months is up and evidently , so is Country Gardens magazine because the issue I just got is Halloween decorating........

  2. Thank you for your garden honesty!!!! How refreshing to hear someone echo my exact thoughts. Here in Montana, July through August has been a succession of hot, 90 degree days. These prohibit my great plans (mostly visualizations;) to create floral and vegetable beds and borders in so many areas, plant more spring bulbs and transplant daylilies in said areas. I've let my ugly lawn go to brown this summer...hoping it will finally be the catalyst to replace or cover over with bark, rock and other "stuff" --- hope both our funks get righted in their own time...