Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Flowers are Flowering!

I'm still a relatively new gardener - I've only been doing this for 6 years. My weakest areas have always been my flower gardens. I've never tested my soil, I'm not very good at remembering to fertilize and my layout skills are just terrible.

I am learning, however, and this year has turned out to be my best years for flowers yet. They still look like an unorganized, jumbled mess - but at least they're growing!

Front Garden, South Side
One way I have found to fill in spaces is to throw in some wildflower seeds. Sometimes they take, sometimes they don't. This year, they took and I got some interesting flowers out of the bunch.

A pretty purple flower surrounded by Clarkia

Clarkia, Bachelor Buttons and a bright Orange flower

I have no idea, but it's pretty
And then there are some plants that I planted years ago and just won't die, no matter how damaged they become.

This Clematis was planted three years ago. It comes back every year, but it never gets very tall and usually breaks off at the bottom before it gets very far along. Last year I got a flower but bugs at the petals as soon as it bloomed.

This year, it grew like gangbusters and this past week it gave me a ton of flowers. No, I still haven't made a trellis for it - I honestly didn't expect it to do this - so right now it's weaving its way through the Iris leaves, which I think is quite pretty.
Clematis Vine

Clematis Close-up
The one flower that has never let me down is the Tall Phlox by the garage. Maybe it does so well because it wasn't me who planted it. Hah!
Magenta Phlox
The Magenta always blooms first, shortly followed by the white/pink.

I just love how the buds are tight little spirals before they open.
White Phlox Buds

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