Friday, August 26, 2011


Before moving to Maine almost 7 years ago, I lived in Florida. I lived there for four years and never suffered through a hurricane until three months before we moved to Maine - and we got hit by two in one month.

And now that I'm living in Maine, a place I thought was going to be safe from these blasted things, here comes Irene. We had one a couple of years ago as well, but all it did was rain.

This time it sounds like we're going to get lots of rain and wind which means crop damage. I'm not too upset about the summer squash - I've already gotten tons and there's several more I can pick before Sunday - and my Buttercup squash can come off the vine if it needs to. The mutant pumpkins are done - I just haven't harvested them because I like to leave them on the vine as long as possible.

But my tomatoes - my poor, three tomatoes - ugh. If we get hit with a lot of rain, that means I will have none this year. I know, I know, a paltry thing to worry about when the winds could do so much worse damage on homes, trees, power lines.

But I will still miss my tomatoes if they drown.

My entire crop, right here.

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