Friday, July 22, 2011

Everything is Growing

I haven't been posting much lately except for Wordless Wednesday and Celebrity Rose Thursday.

Sorry about that.

Things have been growing, though, and growing pretty well.

Thanks to  Angel the mystery flower is no longer a mystery. My Clarkia flowers are doing very well and the Bumblebees (not shown here) love them.

No longer a mystery - Clarkia
The Coral Bells between my tall Phlox and Lilac Bush have flowered. There are more than last year, which makes perfect sense since the plants themselves are performing wonderfully.
Bell Flowers
Coral Bell Choir
The front flower beds are filling in very nicely. The Day Lilies are giving me dozens of blooms every day, the Hydrangea is full of blue and light purple globes and the Azalea bush is filling in with pretty green leaves.
South side bed
On the other sde there are even more Day Lilies, the Salvia is filling in and the Liatrus is about to open up.

North Side Bed
The Smoke Bush has had some damage this Summer from heavy rain, but just look at how poofy it finally got. Beautiful.
Smoke Bush

Out in the vegetable garden everything is doing well, but none as good as the Peas. They're already twice as tall as the variety I planted last year (and no, I have no idea what those were - I just bought a packet that said 'peas' and stuck them in the ground. That's me - detail oriented). They started flowering this week (not pictured here) so the pods will arrive soon.
Peas Please
Overall I'm happy with the progress of the gardens.

Next time, the Tall Phlox put on a show!

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