Thursday, July 14, 2011

Celebrity Rose #3 :: Bing Crosby

"You must be one of the newer fellas..." - Bing Crosby in "High Society"

The Bing Crosby Rose
Seller's description: A vigorous, stout growing rose whose glossy dark green leaves and long lasting brilliant orange blooms croon a sweet tune in the garden; long cutting stems, and excellent disease resistance; stunning when massed along borders.

Bing Crosby was arguably one of the most famous performers Hollywood has ever known. Mainly known for his soothing baritone voice, he was also a talented actor, comedian and one of the most respected men in the entertainment business.

Bing is one of my favorite performers, especially when teamed with Bob Hope or The Andrews Sisters.

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  1. Don't have Bing but if he is half as good a performer as Bob Hope or Dick Clark, he is definitely one I want to get!