Tuesday, July 5, 2011

As the Garden Grows

Today's Weather: Sunny and hot (for Maine) - 85 degrees Fahrenheit - but at least the humidity's low

This past Saturday was weeding day. Due to the plentiful rain we've had recently my vegetable garden was being overrun by the little buggers and it took me several hours to clear the beds. But, I finally did and everything looks much better now.

And I didn't take even one picture of the before/after. *sigh*

Oh well, I have photographic evidence of other goings on in the gardens.

In the Spring I transplanted my two rose bushes from the South side of the house to the East side and I worried that they wouldn't do well - especially after we had a late frost and many of their branches died. However, this past week I got my first blooms from both of them.

Iceberg Rose
 The Sunbright has a little petal damage but it still looks quite lovely. I love this shade of yellow.

Sunbright Rose
The second type of Dutch Iris that I planted in the Spring has bloomed. It's stuck behind the Bearded Iris foliage, but if you dig through the green spears you can see it.
Dutch Iris: Lion King
 The Smoke Bush is continuing to poof out and has started turning purple.

Smoke Bush
And finally, I had my first vegetable harvest of the season. As usual, it was the Radishes. I plan to eat them in my chicken salad for dinner this evening.

First Harvest: Radishes

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  1. Beautiful roses. I'm jealous. I've tried EVERY year to grow them and they just don't like it here. Or me. I don't know. But those blooms are beautiful!