Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden Update

Today's Weather: Sunny, high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

I'm feeling much better now despite the fact that my antibiotics make me pretty nauseous. At least I can move my arms again.

But, there hasn't been much to do in the gardens except watch them grow, which I'm pretty good at.

Front Garden - South Side
The front gardens are looking better than they ever have. They're pretty much a mish-mosh of flower and plant types and look horribly disorganized, but at least they're filled with green.

Front Garden - North Side
The little Geranium hasn't grown much but at least it's flowering.

Geranium Flower
The Dutch Iris bulbs I started inside have finally flowered - at least these two have. These are 'Eye of the Tiger' and look nice against my huge, green Hosta.

Dutch Iris: Eye of the Tiger
The wild Rose Bush has done very well this year. I need to spray it for bugs but the number of buds that actually opened this year is amazing. (Two years ago I got a lot of buds but none of them opened - they just withered and died as buds.)

Wild Rose Bush
They're all extremely aromatic and the prettiest pale pink color. Unfortunately, most of the roses have at least one hole in the leaves from the Japanese Beetles, but this one escaped unharmed (so far). Even with the holy leaves, that corner looks quite nice with all the flowers. And from a distance you can't even tell they're Beetle food.

Wild Rose and Buds
The Smoke Bush is on it's way to becoming the big poofball in the yard. It's hard to see in this picture, but some of the buds have turned into purple smoke.

Smoke Bush
The vegetable gardens are going a little slow due to lack of sun, but they're going. The pumpkins are doing fine. My cucumbers are about a month behind in growth but they're getting there.

Pumpkins and Cucumbers
My best performer in the vegetable garden so far are the peas. I should have plenty by the end of the season.

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  1. Your gardens are really nice. 'Mish mosh' is a good thing, in my books. The plants will get bigger each year and really fill in. Your edging is very nice!

    Happy Gardening!