Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Paths and Garden Critters

Today's weather: 50% chance of rain, high of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. I swear, we've skipped over Summer and gone straight into Fall. Ugh.

But, back to the catch up of the last couple of week's activities.

I love the path I built around my vegetable garden last year. Not only does it make it easier to mow around the garden, it protects my plants from the lawnmower's blades and my shoes don't get muddy when I work on the beds.

However, since I've never built anything correctly from the ground up, I have to fight the weeds from overtaking the path. This was what I faced this year:

Along the Sides

The Worst Spot
It's a little hard to tell from these pictures, but certain parts of the paths were being taken over by creeping grasses. So, I spent a few hours once again pulling grass and covering the dirt with more mulch.

This year will be known as The Year of the Creeping Grass. I just can't keep it out of the beds.

But, I finally finished and I'm pleased with the results.

Nice Lines

Filled with Mulch
As I've done my work the past couple of weeks I've seen many garden 'critters' crawling and flying about.

For a whole day, this Robin sat on top of our garage and tweeted his authority over the building. He would leave occasionally - probably for his lunch break - but always returned to keep up the appearance of his dominance over all other Robins.

This is MY roof. Back off!
I also saw several caterpillars. One I could identify, the others I couldn't. (Never Google 'Green Caterpillar' and expect to find what you're looking for.)

Eastern Tent Caterpillar
I spotted an unspotted Lady Beetle among the Rose leaves. (See what I did there?)

Welcome Critter
And this spider made a quick lunch of one of my beloved Dragonflies. I don't begrudge the Spider - it was just doing what spiders do - but I wish it had been a horsefly instead of a dragonfly.
Spider 1, Dragonfly 0

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