Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrity Rose #1 :: Cary Grant

Today marks the first of a new feature here at the My Maine Garden Blog. It has nothing to do with Maine or even my gardens.

Even though I'm not very good at growing them, I love roses. It's amazing just how many types there are out there and how many new varieties are created every year.

Some of the prettiest that I've seen are those named after celebrities. So, starting today, I will post a Celebrity Rose every Thursday.

Who better to start with than Archibald Leach, more commonly known as Cary Grant?

The Cary Grant Rose
Beloved by men and women alike, Cary Grant was one of the great film stars who was a talented dramatic actor as well as a hilarious comedian. Grant's fifth wife, Barbara Harris Grant, commissioned this rose in 1986 as a Valentine Day's gift to her husband. Cary reportedly loved the red-orange color of the rose and the flower was planted along their home's driveway.

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