Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Notes from the Weekend

Today's weather: Bleah. (Translation: Rainy, high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Before I start my post, I felt I had to share this picture. Isn't this the perfect image of what gardeners have to deal with? Everything looks fine and dandy and them BAM! - you walk outside and find a weed growing in your walkway.

(Actually, I like dandelions, just not in my paths.)


Building the new "shade" garden in the back of the house wasn't my only accomplishment over the weekend. I also did some moving of established plants and some transplanting of flowers that I started inside.

The two rose bushes I planted last year survived the winter, despite being squashed, and have both shown substantial growth. Not wanting them to get squashed again, I moved them to the front of the house and planted them as close to the front of the bed as possible.

But that left me with a big, empty bed with nothing but a wild Rose bush in the corner. So, I split some of my existing tall Phlox on the other side of the yard...

Splitting Phlox
...and moved it to the empty bed. I moved both Magenta and White and staggered them. I also planted the Orange and Purple I bought from the store but I don't have any hopes for those. They sat in my kitchen for over a month and nothing sprouted. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to put them in the ground. If nothing else, they can be compost.

New Phlox Bed
 Last year my Iris plants did really well but didn't give me a single flower. Time to divide!

Splitting the Iris
I moved a few to the opposite side of the steps. (They replaced some Hosta that I moved earlier that day to the front.)

New Iris/Hosta bed
As you can see, splitting the Iris didn't detract from my existing bed. They still look great and are going strong.

I also planted some Dutch Iris that I started inside from bulbs a few weeks ago.

Existing Iris Bed...please give me some flowers this year.
I wasn't the only one busy this past weekend. Along with my bird visitors, I spotted several bees and bumbles. This busy bee stopped long enough to pose. I hope I see a lot of his kind this summer.


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  1. Glad you got some stuff done! I've actually seen more bees so far this year than for all of last year!