Monday, May 23, 2011

Between the Showers

Today's Weather: Rain, High of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The past couple of weeks have not been good gardening weather. In fact, I haven't done much of anything except walk around when it's not pouring to see the progress.

I'm beginning to think that the less I interfere, the better the garden does. Go figure.

In between one of the showers this past Sunday I took a walk around the house to check out how water-logged the gardens are. Fortunately, we have pretty good drainage in all the garden areas so everything's doing pretty well.

Future Iris Flowers
I didn't get any Iris flowers last year but that happens with this plant and since I honestly like the foliage it didn't upset me. However, I love the flowers and it looks like I'm going to get more than enough this year.

Dianthus 'Annual'
I bought three of these Dianthus plants last year and planted them in the corner. They were labeled as annuals but I didn't take the time to pull them when Fall came around. Now I'm glad that I didn't. Once Spring finally arrived the plants started growing like crazy and they are now starting to flower. I really liked these last year and planned to buy more this season. Now, I don't have to. Booyah!

White Daffodils
All the yellow Daffodils are gone but these two White Daffodils made a late appearance this past week. Aren't they lovely?

Smoke Leaves
The Daffodils are at the base of the Smoke Bush, which is finally starting to leaf out. It's actually on schedule, unlike everything else in the garden. It never leafs out until late May.

Bleeding Hearts
The Bleeding Heart plant that my sister-in-law gave me is doing wonderfully in my new shade garden. Two weeks after I planted it, it gave me several strings of those pretty little hearts. It's going to look very nice when it gets to full size. I might have to get another for the opposite side of the garden.

Sometime last summer I picked up some cheap Astilbe and planted them in the same general area of the new shade garden. They didn't make an appearance this year so I thought they hadn't survived the winter. Well, they were just late, like everything else. Three of the four plants have made an appearance this past week and two of them are inside the new garden's boundaries. The third (the one in the middle in the picture) is just outside of the garden so I'll have to move it later.

I'm glad they made it. I love Astilbe.

Lilac Survivor
Two of the three Lilac bushes that my Father-in-Law planted last year survived the winter as well and have grown some leaves. They certainly aren't going to flower this year, but it looks like they might actually 'take.'

Lilac Survivor
I saw plenty of bees while I was out and I also saw my second favorite garden visitors - Dragonflies. Several of them buzzed me but only two lingered long enough for a photo.

Dragon and Damsel
China enjoyed the brief period of sun. Too bad it only lasted about thirty minutes.

China Guards the Yard
I took a quick walk through the field as well, checking out the wildflower growth. Nothing much to report yet. Just a lot of these.

Alas, the clouds crept back in and started dropping the wet stuff once again. Looks like it'll be this way for another few days. Hopefully it will be somewhat drier over the holiday weekend. I'm taking two vacation days after Memorial Day to get caught up and to plant the vegetable garden.

Enough, already
It certainly needs some attention. Ugh.

Current Vegetable Garden...eww


  1. The rain has certainly been pretty depressing. During the weekend I kept walking outside looking at the gardens and thinking about all that had to be accomplished. But the soil was in not condition to be worked. I pretty much missed the blooms of my Rhododendron because they were so waterlogged and droopy.

    Hopefully, sunny days are ahead of us.

  2. Rain is bad for getting into the garden, but I noticed your lawn looks like a velvety carpet. At least SOMETHING likes all this wet weather!

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