Monday, April 25, 2011

Things Be Happenin' 'Round Here

Today's weather: High of 61 degrees Fahrenheit, partly sunny. It was supposed to storm, but all I've seen are some clouds. But I know the rain is on its way.

Well, things finally started happening this past weekend. Within hours of my last post the black leaf-filled garbage bags were hauled away by my Father in Law. I normally help out with this chore but he did it while I was at work. So - score! That saved me at least half a day.

Unfortunately, some of my Daffodils were planted underneath those bags and when the bags were pulled away, there were a few nasty surprises:

Sick Daffodils

Looks like rejects from a creature feature, don't they? Ick. I broke off the stems and will move them to a better location in the Fall.

It rained all day Saturday so I did some indoor chores and crafts (which I'll show you later) but Sunday morning I was out early cleaning up the beds and putting out some of my new decorations.

Iris Beds with Chimes

Getting Ready for the Hummingbirds


The beds look sparse - they're all pretty much empty - but at least they're visible and now leaf-free.

The Daffodils are starting to develop. Yesterday, the morning dew clung to this one (which opened today) and although my camera just can't capture how beautiful it really was, this is pretty close.

Dew Drops on the Daffodil
A few weeks ago I cleared out underneath the Smoke Bush again like I did last year. Looks like that's all that those old Daffodils needed. Instead of one flower head forming, I have at least ten in there. It's hard to see in this picture, but they're there among the green spires.

Plethora of Daffodil Flowers
Also under the Smoke Bush, the three Hyacinth I planted last year are doing well. They've already grown about half an inch since I took this picture just yesterday.


The Hosta has finally been uncovered and they look to be doing well. I plan to move these either in the back shade garden or to the front. I haven't decided which yet. In their place I'm going to plant more Iris.

The Family Tulips are still doing well. No flower stalks yet, but I know they'll be here soon.
Family Tulips
Lastly, I pulled out our lawn chairs. I didn't have any time to use them, but I look forward to spending lazy Summer afternoons here in the shade, watching the pooch sniff the same spots she sniffs every single year but still finds utterly fascinating.
Relaxation Oasis

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