Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still Undecided

Today's weather: Warm, a high of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, but it's rather muggy. There's a possibility of thunderstorms during the day but right now, it's just cloudy.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the front flower beds this past week. As I mentioned in a previous post, uncovering the beds to find damaged and squashed bushes really depresses me. My front beds have never looked good and the fact that I can't really plan for future growth makes it even more difficult.

At its best - but still not good

I've been considering planting only Iris, Hosta and Day Lilies in the beds - three plants that I know can handle the rough winter and being flattened by leaf bags every winter.

I've also considered pulling everything out and just planting Annuals every year. But I'm on a pretty tight budget and buying plants every Spring isn't really feasible. The alternative is to plant from seeds, which I've done before, but it takes so long for the beds to fill out that they only look halfway decent for just a couple of months in the late Summer/early Fall.

I've also considered doing both - sowing the annual seeds and then planting Hosta and Iris in the same beds, forcing the seeds to grow around them. This sounds simple, but I don't know how it'll all turn out.

Guess I won't know until I try.

But then there's the problem of where to put my existing bushes. The Hydrangea was squashed but it's growing - there are green buds all over the thing - and the Azalea bush looks fine although it hasn't really shown any signs of growth or flower development. And that Rhododendron is perfect.

I'm certainly not going to throw them out but moving them would require building another bed out in the yard. I wouldn't mind doing this, but the Father in Law might not like it - he'd have to mow around it and I try to make that chore as easy as possible for him. The only convenient place for a new bed is in full shade and I don't know if the Azalea could tolerate that.

Crimson Azalea
 *Sigh* I guess some more research is in order, but that's the easy part. Making actual decisions - that's the hard part.


  1. Brandi: You mentioned things get flattened by leaf bags ? Whats with the leaf bags ?

    Have a great day,

  2. John,

    Our house is old and was never properly insulated so every winter we surround the house with leaf bags to help hold in the heat. It does work, but it's very ugly and squashes my plants.