Thursday, April 14, 2011

Indoor Progress

Today's weather: Sunny with a high of 57 degrees Fahrenheit. *Squee!*

Two weeks ago I started some plants inside that I purchased cheap from the local big box store. I didn't expect too much from them - they were pretty cheap - but some of them have surprised me.

The Hosta are doing great. Actually, they're already bigger than this picture which I took a few days ago and growing new leaves. All of the plants had leaves when I planted them but have all added at least two more. Which is good since one of them came out of the bag with two leaves hanging by a 'thread' which I had to snip.
Lions and Tigers
The Dutch Iris are growing so fast I'm afraid they're going to outgrow the tray before I can get them outside.
Makeshift Greenhouse
The only place large enough for this is my kitchen which gets rather cold so I've created this makeshift 'Greenhouse.' It's just cellophane draped over all the pots. It holds the heat very well and raises the temperature from 5-10 degrees, depending on how cloudy it is outside.

The only plants that haven't shown any sign of growth are the Phlox roots I potted. Maybe they're just being slow but I'm afraid this just doesn't work for them. That's really too bad. I really wanted to see the orange phlox.

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