Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think Spring might be here (crossing fingers, knocking wood)

Today's weather: Sunny with a high of 57 degrees Fahrenheit

Things are looking up, weather wise. This past weekend we enjoyed two straight days of partly sunny weather with seasonal temperatures and I was FINALLY able to get some yard work done.

All the winter storms caused a lot of stick fallage (not a word, but I'm using it anyway). The yard looked awful, as per usual in early Spring.

Lots o' Sticks
We have a pretty big yard with 8 large Maples and there were piles of sticks like the above picture everywhere. It took me several hours to clean them all up, but finally, the yard looked like this:

Ahhh...a clean slate
The brush pile has grown extensively, and this is only half the size it ended up being.

Mills Brush Pile
And if the sticks and leaves weren't bad enough I had to look out for loose asphalt and doggy poo from the times when China couldn't trudge through the snow to her field.

It was a long day, but very worth it.

I haven't unwrapped the house yet from the atrocious black garbage bags of leaves, but I had to check the bushes and flowers to see if they survived the winter. Luckily, they all did, although some were a bit beaten up.

The Hydrangea bush survived and it's showing a lot of new growth, but several branches broke off when I pulled the bag away. Someone plopped one right on top of it after I was careful to set the bags against it. I know it has to be done, but I just wish it could be done a bit more carefully.

The Iris, my cast-iron flowers, are perfectly fine, of course. And this year, the moles didn't snack on them at all.

Ready to Split
Two of the clumps will be split this year and moved to the other side of the steps. I hope they give me flowers this year. They slacked off last year, but I didn't blame them. They had been half-eaten.

We had some rain Sunday night and again last night. Most of the snow is gone, although there are still a couple of stubborn piles outside my office window.

I'll sign off with one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. To me, it looks like China was staring down the snow, trying to will it away. It's right where she likes to sun herself and she's getting as impatient as I have been.


  1. We've got two very stubborn piles of snow left from where the roof clears off....and yesterday I caught my husband beating at it with a shovel. I think he's very tired of snow too............

  2. Our snow is in spots where there's absolutely no sun. I've taken to raking the thin spots whenever I walk next to them. I bet beating them with a shovel is more therapeutic, though.