Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

Today's weather: Sunny, high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today is absolutely gorgeous!....and I'm stuck in the office all day. At least I can open a door up here and let the fresh air in. Two barn swallows decided to visit the office as well, but we got them back outside pretty quickly. They apparently didn't want to be trapped in an office all day either.

Despite my wimbling about my front flower beds I still have plenty of work to do this weekend.

I'm going to start building the back shade garden. I've got the area cleared, I just have to start constructing the bed.

Future Shade Garden

I'm going to make raised bed of sorts by using large rocks to outline the shape. I'm going to make a curved, non-symmetric shape in the corner, leaving a path all the way around. This will help me avoid any winter problems with insulating leaf bags and make it easier to weed the back of the bed.

I'm also going to split and move some of my existing pink and white Phlox to the kitchen side of the house. I've tried planting rose bushes there but they're just not doing well. Being squashed isn't helping so they're coming out and Phlox is going in. Phlox is cut to the ground every Fall so it's perfect for the space.

Perfect for a Phlox bed
I'll have to buy some more Phlox (the plants I started inside have done absolutely nothing so I think they're duds) and fill in the space but I'm hoping this will eventually be filled out with the butterfly-attracting plants. I'm still hoping to find some purple and orange.

I might also create a new bed over by our garage. My Father in Law planted a couple of Lilac bushes over there last year and now he can't mow there at all. He's been grousing about it and even though it certainly wasn't my idea to put them there, I still want to make it easier for him. Besides, a new flower bed is a new flower bed, even if it's where I can't see it without taking a little hike.

That should keep me busy enough but in case I get that back Shade garden done, I may also move my existing Hosta to the back and split my Iris plants to fill in their space around the kitchen.

Future Iris Bed...after the Hosta moves out
And for the first time this season, we're supposed to have two full days of nothing but sun and temps in the low sixties - perfect weather for working outside.

Now, if I can only get myself to clean the house tonight so I won't have to do it tomorrow morning I'll be all set.

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