Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Tasks

Today's weather: High of 42 degrees and sunny. At least some of the snow will melt but, of course, more snow is predicted for the weekend. *sigh*

Yes, I am still feeling rather perturbed about the weather. For the past three days or so it's been so cold that the existing snow hasn't melted at all. Yesterday there was some melting but it's still not enough.

To keep my sanity and to try to stick to a schedule I have in my head, I decided to go ahead and plant some of my bulbs and other plants indoors so that they can get a head start. I don't normally start anything indoors because our house is so small and the only place I have that could hold anything more is the kitchen - and it's not insulated. In the dead of winter we can leave things like soda and water on the counter and they stay just as cold (sometimes colder) as if they were in the fridge. So - keeping seedlings warm is an issue.

But, it's warm enough now in the kitchen and I just had to do something garden-related besides trudging through the snow to the melted spots to look at the tulip and daffodil sprouts (which are doing fine).

I cleared my baking table - I had to move everything into bags and tuck them into a corner - and potted all of my bulbs and roots and set them on the table. It's gets sun most of the day. I covered them all with plastic wrap which is holding the heat nicely. I've never had much luck starting indoors but maybe this time things will take. The Hosta plants already have large leaves and two of the Phlox plants have sprouted. I didn't want to chance them dying before I could get them into the ground - which looks to be at least a month away now.

(Not my picture - just a visual aid :) )
I planted the following: Both of my Iris types (Lion King and Eye of the Tiger - anyone know of a bear variety I could add?), both Phlox types and the Hosta.

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