Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Ready

Today's High Temp: 35 degrees, chance of snow (which it is doing right now...*sigh*)

So, yeah, it's still freakin' snowing here. We got about five inches on Monday and some of that is still on the ground but most of it melted yesterday. The snow we're getting now isn't expected to add much to the still existing foot of snow but it's just plain annoying, you know?

But enough whining. Despite the fact that it's still very winter-like here, I'm getting ready for Spring. Last night I found some good deals at a local big box on some bulbs that I need and picked them up. I'll be planting them this weekend in some temporary pots to give them a head start so I can hopefully transplant them in about a month.

In my first flower garden I planted some white Iris in memory of my grandmother who passed away that year. They have done really well and I've split them twice. They even survived being half-eaten away by moles. Their only problem is that they are white against a white house. No one can see them unless they walk into our yard.

So, one of my garden plans this year is to expand the Iris beds and plant more Iris in varied colors. Last night I picked up two varieties that I think will bring out the beautiful white Iris I already have.

First, I picked up a bag of Lion King bulbs. Never been a huge fan of the Disney film, but the Iris has some beautiful colors:

Lion King Iris
I also picked up some purple Iris bulbs, whose variety I can't remember at the moment. I'm sure I'll post the name sometime later:

Purple Iris
I'll plant these behind the white Iris and mix them in. I think they'll look nice.

Side note: While trying to find the name of my purple Iris, I found out that the Iris flower was thought to lead the deceased to heaven. They would be planted on graves. I'm not a religious person, but I thought this was rather fitting since I started planting Irises in memory of my grandmother.

Another garden plan I have is to create a 'Butterfly' garden on the south side of the house. Tall Phlox does amazingly well on the south side of our garage, so I reasoned that it would do just as well next to the house. I found some purple Phlox last week and last night I found some orange. I love orange and didn't even know Phlox came in that color. It'll look a bit 'Halloweeny' but that's just fine with me.

Purple Phlox
Orange Phlox
Hopefully the cheap bulbs will take but if not I'm not out much. Besides, it'll keep me busy until I can finally get outside. Cabin fever sucks.


  1. The sun is out here, but we are getting snow flurries. It just won't quit.
    My siberian squill is coming up. Wouldn't you know that works in Maine?

    thanks for stopping by gardenpath

  2. It'll soon be over ... and you'll have so much to do you'll pray for bad weather so you can have a rest!

  3. You poor thing! I spent a weekend in the Sierras and that was plenty snow for me. I was so glad to get home to my snow free garden. Hang in there...spring is around the corner!