Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daylight Saving Time

Today's weather: Cloudy and 27 degrees F. Chance of snow.

It's amazing how much gardening can change your perspective about so many things. One of the biggest for me is how I view Daylight Saving Time which starts this weekend.

Until four years ago, I hated it. I hate losing time and losing that one hour every year used to really piss me off. I totally agreed with all those naysayers who ranted and raved about the uselessness of setting our clocks ahead an hour and I envied those few states that ignores the rest of the country and leaves their clocks alone.

I can't say that I now disagree with any of the aforementioned logic against the practice of DST but personally, I like having that 'extra' hour of daylight now. Starting it weeks early like we have the past few years has made it even better. Now, it's a signal that the winter is almost over and that I'll be working in the yard again soon. It also means that for a few days at least, it'll feel like I'm leaving work an hour sooner. Yeah, I have to be there an hour earlier as well, but it still feels like I'm leaving early by the end of the day.

It's all psychological and not logical in the least but for a while that 'extra' hour of daylight lifts my spirits which I despeartely need this time of year.

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  1. I get around clock chasnges by either getting up or going to bed at a different time. I actually have an iphone app that gives sunrise and sunset times and dawn/dusk periods. I tend to live by that. I've also fitted a military spec floodlight in my garden! The neighbours love it.