Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And so it begins...

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If you live in Maine, then you know about the local chain of stores called Marden's and if you hear their jingle, you will curse them 'till the day you die. Which means it's effective.

I happened upon a Marden's flyer yesterday and saw that they're selling garden stuff and had a few things that I could use - and since it's very early March and there's still 2-3 feet of snow on the ground, I hoped that my fellow Maine gardeners weren't thinking 'garden loot' yet.

For once I had good instincts. Marden's had tons of garden stuff last night that hadn't been picked over yet and I got what I wanted...and a few more things. (That's the danger of Marden's - if you see something you like, you better get it because it'll be gone the next time.)

I got some more basic tools - mine are literally falling apart - some metal rods for stabilizing tall plants which can also be used for hanging items, a new extendable 3-prong hoe, some garden decorations and some hanging containers for growing tomatoes and other plants upside-down.

Garden Swag

I was going to make my own hanging containers from buckets and old pots, but Marden's had them really cheap and that will save me a few hours when the time comes. Besides, even painted, old cat litter buckets just aren't attractive. :)

I also picked up some flower seeds. I sometimes don't have much luck with cheap vegetable seeds, but I've never had any problem with cheap flower seeds. Even if I do, these seeds were very cheap (5 packets for $1.00) and I won't feel cheated if they don't germinate.

Cuteness abounds
I think my favorite items are the ones that are pure decoration. I love those big ladybugs. They're made of wood and wire and are well-made. I'm going to add a few layers of varnish to protect them from the elements and they should look good with all the other ladybug paraphernalia I have. I also like the little bird feeder I picked up. I plan to put some rocks in it and use it as a butterfly watering station.

My husband wanted the shy turtle so it's staying in the kitchen. :)

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