Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Front Flower Garden Planning

Today's weather: 32 degrees F, Snow. We've had a lot of snow the past week and there's still more to come. Yesterday was nice, though. Sunny and 36.

My front flower garden has never looked 'good.' I always seem to have one side that does okay while the other side is a barren wasteland - and no, it's not consistent. One year, the North side does well, the next year, the South side. It makes it look lopsided and sloppy, which I hate.

Then there was the year that neither side produced anything, but I'd rather not speak of that.

I have noticed that shrubs seem to do well no matter what side they're on, so I have decided that the front garden will be all shrubs and bushes. (But I reserve the right to renig on that decision.)

I like roses, I always have. I've had several over the years - including two from last year - and they've done well as long as rodents don't eat their roots and as long as I can keep family members from convincing me to cut them down to the ground.

I know many 'serious' gardeners do not like Knock-Out roses, and I can understand why, but they did really well for me when I had one a few years back. I can't remember exactly what happened to that bush, but I think it was overzealous banking of the house one winter.

So, to cut to the chase, I plan to move my two existing bushes (assuming they survived the winter) to the front to join the Hydrangea, rhododendron and Azalea bushes and I'm going to plant some Knock-Out roses around them. I'll then fill up the empty spaces with some companion plants, which I haven't decided on yet, and hope that they all get along.


  1. Is there anything more exciting than planning this time of year? Looove it!

  2. There's nothing wrong with Knock Out Roses. They are a wonderful disease resistant and pretty low maintenance plant. You have a nice combination going. Perhaps try some Ilex 'Compacta' as an evergreen backdrop. Also daylilies go nicely with Knock out Rose. This is a wonderful time of year to plan-have fun!

  3. Ooh, I have some Daylilies already. Thanks for the suggestions, Lee! And yes to you both, planning is fun this time of the year. Keeps me sane...somewhat.