Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year, New Projects

Today's Temperature: 30 degrees F. That's practically balmy compared to the frigid temps we've been having lately.

I know I've already posted about some of my plans for this year's gardens - more bird baths, more Spring flowers - but that's not all I have planned for this year. I have several ideas but the one I will be focusing on first is the back yard shade garden.

There's a dark, empty corner behind our house. Here, take a look:

Back Corner in April, 2010
It can't be seen unless you walk into the back yard. The only people who have laid eyes on this corner since my husband and I moved in are my husband and me, his family, a few friends and the handful of people who drive down the side road that goes by our yard. Up until last year it was used for storing old wood, rocks and anything else we wanted out of sight.

But, finally, last year I convinced the FIL that it was time to throw out the wood. It was rotting and attracting vermin. So, now there's this blank space. It may look neater but it's pretty damn boring.

This year, I plan to put in a shade garden. What you see above is the most sun it gets all day and it doesn't last for long. In the summer it gets even less because our Maple trees keep that side of the house in shade all day. My husband has often said it would be nice to have something there and now is the time.

Using my (very) basic Photoshop skills, I made up a mock-up of what it should look like when I plant some Hosta and some Astilbe. I may add some other plants but for now I'm going to keep it simple and make sure plants will grow there.

Photoshop Garden - please don't laugh
I would like to remove those drain pipes as well and add a rain barrel, like this:

Rain Barrel
But that will require altering the drain pipe and that's the FIL's area. He's not big on change so it might not happen. However, it would make it a lot easier for him to mow the grass back there so he might give in.