Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Garden's Last Job

Today's weather: cloudy and cold but not raining - perfect Halloween weather. Bwa ha ha ha!

This past week I was on vacation and finished putting away the flower beds. Now, my house is surrounded by black plastic bags and there are no flowers to make it look any better. *Sigh* Oh well. Spring's just six months away, right?

But my gardens' jobs are not yet done. Now it is time to scare - or, at least, amuse - the passersby with a spooky tableau of tombstones, ghosties, dancing skeletons and floating pumpkins. At least, that's the effect I'm going for.

In the front yard, we hung Dr. Jacques Bones and his wife Cleopatra Bones along with a few of their ghostly pals.

Cleopatra Bones beckons to those passing by
And the vegetable garden has been converted to a spooky-ridden boneyard filled with the spirits of tomatoes and squash gone to seed and used for compost. Their pumpkin friends avenge their useless demise, grinning ghoulishly at all the gals and guys.

The Mills Boneyard, 2010
At night, we light up the pumpkins and set a few candles and portable battery-powered lights we picked up at Big Lots! From the road it does look like the jack-o-lanterns are floating among the tombstones.

Haunted Garden - plus hell hound
If you look close, you can see my dog hiding behind the middle pumpkin. She doesn't like carved gourds so she always stays behind them.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Today marks mine and my husband's 10th wedding anniversary so our treats will include lots of wine and chocolate.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obligatory Blog Post About Not Blogging

Today's Weather: Sunny and very chilly. I woke up to find the first frost on the car this morning. I'm not sure if it was our area's first frost of the year or not, but it was the first I saw.

Haven't been blogging much. If you're a regular visitor (a very rare breed, you are) I apologize. Hopefully the following plethora of images will make up for it a little bit.

First off, let's see some pictures of what this blog is supposed to be about, eh? The gardens.

Not much to speak of, really. The vegetable garden has been put away - old plants pulled and composted, new compost mixed into the soil, etc. The only thing left is the bird bath Marigold ring and I've posted enough pictures of that.

I'm basically just waiting for the flowers to finally die. They're hanging on longer than usual (for me) this year. I would say this is good except for the fact that I'm not doing a very good job at upkeep and they're presently full of leaves.

Leafy Bed
The bare dirt spot is where I planted some daffodil bulbs. I plan to finish that chore next week while I'm on vacation. If you squint you can see that my Dahlia (in the black pot) finally decided to bloom. I waited months for that thing and I'm not really a fan of the flower it produced. Oh well, at least it adds some color.

Even more leaves
The little Hosta decided it wanted to bloom late, too. The frost this morning probably stopped that but it was nice that it tried. The red Salvia and Marigolds are still going strong.

Halloween is on its way
My purple Petunias had an amazing comeback a month or so ago and they're still doing well. They look pretty good against the Ghoulish Trio, don't you think?

Still Blooming
Boy, was I ever wrong about my Sunbright rose bush. After it gave me the one bloom earlier this Summer, I was convinced that was the only yellow rose I was going to get. It gave me many this season, including one that bloomed just this past week. Pretty, isn't it? There's one bud left but it will most likely get snipped to encourage the bush to go to sleep for the winter.

And that's it for the garden. Even if the flowers are still alive next week they'll probably be pulled. The in-laws will no doubt be itching to get the house wrapped up for winter, which means all the flower beds will be underneath some kind of insulation. Ugh. Ugly House - how I dread it.

But I won't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow - because today I still have all the lovely fall foliage to look at. Take a look for yourself:

Leaves all around
One of our front yard Maples

My favorite tree - almost bare

Sun through the branches

Entrance to the snowmobile trail at the back of our field

Along the trail, looking up

Along the trail, looking back

The other entrance to the trail

Along the trail, looking up

A mossy stump on the trail - and my dog, China

Halloween Buds
Hope you enjoyed the Fall Fest!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Not that it matters now, but...

I made an oopsy. When I posted the birth flowers for September, I said it was the Poppy. WRONG!

The Poppy, along with the Gladiolus, is the birth flower for August, not September. September's birth flowers are the Aster and the Morning Glory.

My bad.

Autumn in Maine

Today's Weather: Bleah. It's raining, very windy and chilly. They're calling it a Nor'Easter and it certainly sounds like one.

But, before today, we've been having some very nice Fall weather. Cool, crisp and sunny. Due to the dry Summer our Fall colors aren't as bright as years past but it's still beautiful. Since this storm is probably going to blow away a lot of that beauty, I wanted to post some pics from the past few weeks to cheer me up. Enjoy!

My Favorite Tree.
Colorful Views
The view from my backyard
Our little farmhouse
Looking up into the branches of my favorite tree
Getting Ready for Halloween

Friday, October 1, 2010

October's Birth Flower

Today's weather: Awful. 70's, very muggy. Not the way I wanted to start October, but tomorrow looks to be much better (clear and in the mid-60's).

Haven't posted much lately. Quite frankly, there's not much to post. The vegetable garden is done. The only thing left in it is my Marigold Ring and those Marigold bushes. The bushes will be pulled this weekend to make way for our Halloween Graveyard. Muah-ha-ha-ha.

In the meantime, it's time to celebrate this month's birth flower which is, very appropriately, the Calendula, more commonly known as the Marigold.

Calendula are symbols of Sacred Affection, Cruelty, Grief, and Jealousy. This is one passionate flower.

Despite their stinky smell (and sometimes because of it) the Marigold is one of my favorite flowers. They're easy to grow, brighten up any dark spot in a garden and bloom all season long. They'll live and continue to bloom until the first hard frost. I also found out this year that if you plant them from seed, they can grow to about four feet tall and produce huge blooms. They're also good at keeping deer away.

I hope everyone's having a good Fall so far. I'm not done garden blogging for the year just yet. My front flower garden is still going strong. Heck, that damn Dahlia bulb I planted in April just now produced buds. I'll also be sure to post pics of the forthcoming awesomeness that will be our Halloween grave yard.

Yeah, okay, it'll probably be pretty lame, but I can dream.