Thursday, September 9, 2010

Slowing things down

The weather has gotten much better here in central Maine, although it's still not as cool as usual. It's been sticking in the mid-70's with almost daily showers. It's nice - the showers are rarely long and the sun always comes out afterward - but I'm still looking forward to more Fall-like temperatures.

The vegetable garden is done except for some late-turning tomatoes. I did a harsh pruning of the plants in hopes to hurry the ripening process. They look pretty pitiful - much like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree - but that doesn't matter. Especially since the rest of the garden is pretty much empty anyway except for the birdbath and Marigold ring.

The output of the garden this year was the best of any garden I've planted. I even had to give away squash and I love that stuff.

Squash and Tomato Treats
I didn't have such good luck with my pumpkins, however. I had four pie pumpkins which is pretty much what I wanted so I was happy. However, when I went to cut them after turning full orange, I found that two of them were soft and rotting. I'm not sure why this happened - the other two were perfectly fine - but I wasn't happy.

Also, my one last, large Buttercup Squash that was in the garden split in four places rendering it useless. I already have two large and two small so that wasn't a big deal, but I hate seeing the waste of such a beautiful gourd.

But, I have enough for the fall holidays and that's all that really matters.

Zoe watches over the gourds

The only thing I really have to take care of right now are the front flower gardens. They're doing very well without much help due to the recent nice weather and daily showers. Even my petunias made an astounding recovery.

Front Garden - Stage Left
Front Garden - Stage Right
But the work isn't done for the season quite yet. I purchased my daffodil bulbs - 70 of them - and I'll be planting those in the next few weeks. I plan to get some tulips, too and mix them in with the daffodils. I'm also going to do some moving of Hosta plants to fill in my back yard shade garden.

The season's almost over but the work is not. But really, is it really ever done? ;)


  1. Everything looks great! The problem with your pumpkins and butternut is the rain---these plants like moisture, UNTIL they set fruit, then dry is what they need. Unfortunatly, we can't control Mother Nature.You could move to Northern Michigan--I had the pumpkin EXPLOSION this year due to perfect growing conditions-but I'm pretty sure you're happy where you're at.
    And the cooler temps ARE nice, aren't they?! I wish we could have fall more often!

  2. I'm also ready to put in the spring bulbs...and transplant irises and daylilies from the back to the front/side yard.

    In the past months, I have created three flower beds with an additional 3 "spaces" for gardening. While I am tired, the accomplishment of these projects has spurred me on to get as much done this fall as possible.

    This weekend, I plan to take a break for a BBQ over the firefit and a nice glass of wine...maybe while listening to the marching band sounds from the neighboring football field.

    What isn't to love about the Fall.