Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Dreaming

This week's weather: Getting chilly. The highs have only been in the 60's and it's been raining more often than not for the past few days. But I like this weather - it means my favorite season is here.

Yes, it is sad that the growing season is over but it's worth it - to me, at least.

One of the reasons I wanted to move to Maine was to have seasons again. I grew up in Missouri and while it is more Southern than Northern, it still had seasons and the trees changed along with those seasons. When we moved to Texas when I was 12, I had no idea it wouldn't be until I was 33 that I would enjoy a true Autumn once again. So, I've been reveling in it every year.

Across the Street
The first real signs of change in my world happen just across the street. Messalonskee Lake is to the North of our house and has some marsh/blog land around it. Trees in those areas are always the first to turn and those are the really red trees in the above picture.

Around the House
Slowly, the trees surrounding our house start their annual change and we get all the great Maple colors - red, yellow and orange.

Colorful Splotches
The surrounding woods is always at its most beautiful this time of year. The pine trees mixed in with the maples and oaks create an interesting texture.

Why do I have to do this every year?
One sure sign of fall is the above sight. Every year I make my dog sit among the sparse leaves so I can take her fall portrait. It always goes into her yearly calendar that we give to all of our relatives. (They love the dog more than they love us - as it should be.)

Belgrade Dam
 Our house isn't the only lovely place to be in Autumn. The sights around town are gorgeous and a local drive provides tons of color.

My tin roof is on fiyuh!
 As the season goes on, the red in our back yard maple deepens and for a while it looks like our house has tall flames leaping from the roof.

Gold in them thar leaves
My favorite tree in our yard is the yellow maple next to our driveway. I love to just stand under it and look up into it when the sun is overhead. I'm sure the passersby wonder what the hell I'm staring at.

Camden, Maine
The great state of Maine is a favorite tourist destination for all the leaf peepers and, as you can see, there is good reason.

Late season color
Fortunately, our trees all turn at different times so we can enjoy the color for the entire season. In the above picture the center tree has finished turning, while the tree on the right is just getting started. At the time this picture was taken, the trees in the back were half bare.

It's all over - can't wait 'till next year
And finally, all the trees are naked and ready for their winter nap.

The fun is just now beginning so be sure to stick around to see how this year turns out!

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