Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things are slowing down

Weather for the past week: Very nice. Low humidity, mid-to-upper 70's. It's been very comfortable. It's raining and a little chilly today, but it's a nice break. Our grass was turning brown in places, anyway.

So, the gardening season is winding down, now. The peas finished so I harvested everything and pulled the plants to compost. We couldn't keep up with the cucumbers and too many were getting overripe so I harvested everything that was left and composted the vines. I pulled all squash vines that weren't producing anything and composted them.

The only thing that's really left are the Pie Pumpkins, some Crookneck Squash and a ton of tomatoes. I'm keeping up with those and relatives are happy to help out as well.

So, in the past couple of weeks, my garden has gone from this:

Full, lush garden

To this:

Early Fall Garden
(Can you believe how tall those Marigold plants got? Maybe I should make of a hedge of them next year. :) )

I'm okay with this, though. I'm 'putting the garden away' in stages this year instead of trying to do it all in one day like I usually do. I've not only pulled non-producing plants but I've already spread compost for next year's crops. I did that last year and everything grew like gangbusters.

The pumpkins are almost all orange so they'll be next and I'm sure the tomatoes will be done in the next couple of weeks. There are still tons on the vines but not many of them have any green left.

The only thing left to develop are the buds in the Marigold ring around the birdbath and the new Hydrangea buds. These new flowers aren't nearly as big as the previous but I think the colors are much nicer this time.

Fully Bloomed

Still a few flowers to go.
I also like that the blooms are different colors. The first picture up there is the only one that came out that shade of purple/pink. The others are much more 'purple.' The contrast is nice.

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