Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvest and Welcome Guests

This past weekend's weather: Dry, clear and in the mid to upper 70's very nice.
Today's weather: Supposed to be the same. Bazinga!

This past weekend was pretty productive. Because of the nice weather I was able to get out and tame the wild pile of squash leaves into something resembling a garden. I pulled an entire plant that was producing nothing but leaves, leaving me more room to spread out the Buttercup Squash which has produced more fruit than I expected. Right now I have about 9 or 10 squash growing fast on just three vines.

The pumpkins are also taking off. I pulled all but three plants earlier in the summer and I've got four pumpkins growing.

Future Pies
I did some harvesting this weekend as well. Last week I picked about 15 cucumbers and thought I had them all. Well, I missed a few:

Cucumbers and a few Crookneck Squash
I'm going to have to try some of those cucumber salad recipes I've been seeing on other garden blogs.

I also picked the pea pods that looked ready. There were even more than I thought. I only picked half of them and have enough for at least three meals:

Plenty 'o Peas
I also did some cosmetic work on the flower beds - pulled weeds, deadheaded, etc. While I was working on the Phlox bed I noticed a visitor I've never seen before, ever.

Hummingbird Moth
I've heard of these and seen pictures but have never seen one 'in person' before. I was thrilled to finally catch a glimpse. He wasn't camera shy at all and I got several good shots. Later in the afternoon he returned with a friend and I think they hit every blossom on my fading Phlox flowers.

So far, still no hornworms. I've heard reports from other Mainers that they have them so I'm keeping a close watch for them.

The war continues...


  1. I have one pumpkin, but mine looks very different to yours. maybe it isn't a pumpkin I have. I'm not sure, I think I got some of my seedlings mixed up!

  2. Squashes/Gourds can cross pollinate and get some strange results. Maybe you've invented a new delicacy.