Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Indestructable Plant

Today's Temperature: Low 80's, high humidity. Better than last week but still kind of nasty.

I've written before about my beloved Smoke Bush and the trials it has gone through over the past few years. This year it was finally decided to prune it down to its base and let it try to recuperate.

This was the Smoke Bush at its prime:

Smokey Beauty

And here is what it has gone through over the past four and a half months. I think it's pretty astounding, myself. Your mileage may vary. :)

March, 2010 - not looking too good and all bent out of shape

March, 2010: Pruned down to the basics

May 2010: Showing signs of life

June 2010: Leaves

June 2010: Leaves all over

Mid-June, 2010: Tons of new growth at the base

Late June, 2010: A little scraggly but looking good!

Late June: Not as large, but as beautiful as its old self

July, 2010: And it even gave us some flowers.
I am so proud...


  1. Hi Brandi: Enjoyed my visit today.

    Have a great evening,

  2. It's a bit like a pick-up truck; it just keeps on going!

  3. IG - yes, you're right. It even falls apart all over the lawn every once in a while, too.