Monday, July 26, 2010

Healthy Garden

The past few days have been very pleasant here. The temps are in the low to mid-80's and the humidity is quite tolerable. Looks like it's going to last for a couple of days at least. If I had my way, this is what Summer would be like all season long. Still can't figure out how to get my way in all things, but I'm working on it.

I realize that I haven't posted much of anything about the vegetable garden for quite a while. Mayhaps you thought it failed miserably and I was avoiding talking about it to avoid the pain. Fear not! This year has been my best yet.

As you can see in the above picture, everything has grown amazingly well. So far (I'm knocking on wood right now) there haven't been any major bug problems. I have noticed more birds swooping into my garden this year. They're not eating any buds or flowers so I'm assuming they're taking care of the bugs for me, which is nice. I guess the bird bath was a good idea after all. :)

Ring of Fire and Buttons

The Marigold ring and Bachelor Buttons I planted around the bath are doing great. The Marigolds have started budding and the Buttons started blooming about a week ago.

Colorful Buttons

I've had a few surprises this year. Last year I planted peas but got about four pods. This year, I have tons of pods.

Green Pods

Another surprise was the size of my crookneck squash plants. Last year, they were one of the few things that actually did well and I assumed the couple of feet in height that they achieved was normal. This year, they're almost as tall as me and producing plenty of yellow, crooked vegetables.

The Buttercup Squash are doing well, also. I planted them for contribution to the family Thanksgiving and Christmas meals this year. Looks like I'll be delivering as promised.

I have been told that my Cucumber and Pumpkin bed looks out of control, but I happen to like the way it looks. More importantly, the bees love it. There's a plethora of flowers under the leaves and for the past few days I've had a practical swarm keeping busy under there.

I've spotted a few pumpkin gourds so there will be pie for the holidays as well. This does not make my dog happy. For some bizarre reason, she's afraid of pumpkins - especially when they're carved.

And last, but certainly not least, the tomatoes are doing awesomely! I've never had this many fruit before and I haven't seen one hornworm yet. I'm hoping my bird friends are keeping them away and that I don't come out one morning to find a devastated crop.

The flower gardens are doing so-so. Better than last year, for sure, but nothing like I want. The Tall Phlox, as always, delivered beautiful flowers this year. Sometimes I think I should convert all my flower beds to nothing but Tall Phlox.

So, that is how my garden grows. How's yours doing?

The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table: Recipes, Portraits, and History of the World's Most Beautiful Fruit


  1. Looking good! Everything looks so healthy. I didn't have room for pumpkin and winter squash. Looking at yours I wish I found a corner of the yard for a plant or two.

  2. Today I spied my first pumpkin in the tangle of the beanage. I was quite excited for a few minutes, but then I spotted a scalloped squash the size of a child's head, and that became my dinner!

  3. No pods yet on my peas. The whole garden (and gardener) is a bit depressed as it's rained for a week. Well, at least I don't have to mow the lawn.

    Christine in Alaska