Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nice Weather

Not much to report right now. The plants are tending themselves, the seeds are cooking and all I'm doing is watching and pulling the occasional weed.

Heck, even the weather is playing nice this year. For the past week the pattern has been a couple days of cool, sunny days and then a day of slow, steady rain and then back to sun. I don't have to do any work at all!

I'm enjoying it while it lasts because pretty soon I'll be fighting bugs, squashing caterpillars and pulling the weeds that will no doubt multiply in the night while I'm not looking.

But for now, I will enjoy what Mother Nature has to provide, including this beautiful double-rainbow from last week's rain shower.

Looks like the pot of gold is in a shallow, Maine bog


  1. Brandi, I'm hoping that this weather pattern is going to last; I feel as though mother nature owes us some nice weather after last summer! But we should definitely enjoy it while we can. Is your garden well ahead of schedule? Mine is running 1-2 weeks ahead of previous year bloom times. -Jean

  2. Jean, yes, mine is ahead of schedule as well. Last year, it took two week before I saw any germination from the seeds I planted. This year, it only took five days.