Thursday, June 17, 2010


Of all the new plants I obtained this year, I think my favorite has been the Hydrangea.

It's not an uncommon plant here in my area of Maine and I've seen many over the past few years. Despite their familiarity I've always admired a pretty Hydrangea and finally decided to get one for myself. I was hoping to find a blue one but then I found out that the color really depends on your soil.

(Another thing I find fascinating about the Hydrangea - the fact that it can change color over time and that you can influence its color by providing the correct nutrients. That's just nifty beans.)

So, I found one at the local Big Box and it was even on sale because of a little frost damage. It wasn't too bad so I brought it home and planted it right in front.

New Plant - a little frostbitten
In a relatively short period of time it's transformed into a real beauty. The shade of pink is soft and very pleasing to the eye. The blooms have gotten so large I've often wondered if it was going to turn into all flower and no foliage.

Just a hint of pink

You can barely see the damage now

Current Color
Perhaps next year I will buy another and plant it on the opposite side of the steps so that I'll have mirror Hydrangeas. It would be really cool if I could make that one blue.


  1. Brandi, I've long wanted to include a blue hydrangea in my garden, but because most of them bloom on old wood and the old wood often suffers from winterkill around here, it's easy to end up with all foliage and no flowers. Is yours the 'Endless Summer' variety that is supposed to bloom on new wood? I'll be interested in hearing how it holds up over the winter, because if you can grow it successfully in Belgrade, I ought to be able to grow it in Poland. -Jean

  2. I also love hydrangeas! I have three new ones in my garden. Soon I will post about them.

  3. Jean, to be honest I'm not sure if it is the 'Endless Summer' variety. I still have the tag - I'll have to check on that.

    This one came with the flowers. I hope this isn't my only year with blooms. :)