Wednesday, May 26, 2010

See? I really AM still gardening

Weather for the past few days. HOT! The type of weather that caused me to leave the South.
Forecast for the next few days - Sunny and in the low to mid-70's - yeah, baby, yeah!

Things are finally starting to settle down at work. It's still busier than usual but I no longer feel like running away from this place, screaming.

And now I have a few minutes to fill you in on my latest gardening adventures.

Last week I got a few more plants. One thing I always make sure to plant are Petunias. I know - very common flowers - but I love them. This year I planted my standard magenta colored Petunias, but I also picked up some purple and whites called 'Rhythm and Blues.' Being a musical-type person (I have a music degree, anyway) I thought them appropriate.

I'm singing the blues in the night
Since this picture was taken they have already grown and started draping over the edges which was what I was hoping for.

I also picked up a Hydrangea. It was marked down due to a little frost damage, but it's recovered nicely and the blooms are already bigger than this picture.

Frost bitten but feeling much better now
The flowers are coming in a nice pale pink. My only problem is that the sun it gets during mid-day is causing it to droop drastically. By the time the sun passes it perks back up again but I can't see how that could be good for the plant overall. I'm going to try giving it more water. I really don't want to have to move it.

Remember that corner bed I created a few weeks back - the one that sloped? Well, I realized that I didn't like that slope after all so I used some of my remaining liner and raised the bed.

Raised Corner Bed
To the right of that corner is my Iris bed. Last year I planted a Clematis plant in the middle of it but it didn't grow more than an inch. This year, it's growing like gang busters and it likes ladybugs, apparently.

Clematis loves the ladies
Since this picture was taken last week, the plant has grown at least another inch, maybe more. I'm going to have to get that trellis put in if it keeps this up.

I planted the Clematis for my father-in-law. When we moved in he told me about the huge Clematis his father had planted in front of the house. He's mentioned that plant several times so I've gotten the impression that he remembers it very fondly. I only hope this one turns out as pretty as that one. (I've seen pictures and it was very nice.)

My last project last weekend was to line the front beds and finish mulching. I placed some potted plants in the bed to fill out the empty spots and add some height. I also planted more Marigolds and the Daylillies are filling in. It's still a little bare, but looks better with the mulch.

The Lilacs flowers are gone now but I enjoyed them while they lasted. So did our annual tenants.


  1. Brandi, Like you, I live in Maine because I consider sunny skies and temps in the 70s perfect summer weather! Your flower beds are really looking great. I just planted a clematis this spring and it's happily climbing the fence and has flower buds on it. The big test will be how it does next year -- so I'm happy to see that yours came back and is growing strongly. -Jean

  2. I hate the heat. Sometimes the 70s are too hot for me. As long as the humidity stays below 50% I'm good with up to 80degrees. it has to be below 30% for me to tolerate 80s and it has to be even lower for me to tolerate anything hotter.

    I have been thinking about using clematis for a ground cover, as I have seen it used that way a few times.

  3. Looks like a I right? We have some violet-green swallows nesting outside a bedroom window. I have to keep reminding myself to leave the shade partially down. They get pretty riled up if I leave it up all the way. I wouldn't want to upset our resident mosquito eaters.

    I got some "wild and crazy" petunias this year. Pretty Much Picasso, is the name I think. Burgundy with a green edging. We'll see how it goes....

    Christine in Alaska