Friday, May 21, 2010

Carriers of the Magic

I guess it's normal for kids to hate bees. I know I sure did. In fact, I and my friends had a bee nemesis every summer. Actually, it was a Bumblebee nemesis. There was a post on the corner that had a large knothole and every year a Bumblebee would take up residence. Being six-year-olds we were convinced it was the same bee - and it was MEAN. If we ran past, it would always chase us.

Enjoying the Wildflowers

Of course, now I know that the Bumblebee wasn't mean - she was just protecting her nest - and she never did sting us. (We were too fast for that pesky insect, we were.)

Now, I love bees of all kind. As little as six years ago the distinctive sound of bee buzzing would send me into a panic causing me to run inside as fast as I could. Now when I hear it, I look around to make sure I don't squash my number one garden helper. And guess what? If you don't run away from a Bumblebee, it won't chase you.

We always get a lot of Bumblebees in our yard. The Dandelions attracts them early and they stick around all summer for the Phlox, field wildflowers and anything I happen to plant.

Two years ago they particularly liked my late-season flowering Dahlia. There were several blooms and for about a week they were swarmed with Bumbles. This didn't make my husband happy (he has a 'thing' about bugs of any kind) but I loved it.

Bees on the Dahlia
I've never seen very many Honeybees around here until this year. I was glad to see them since I'm sure most gardeners out there are aware of the mysterious bee disappearances.I'm still seeing Bumbles but I've seen Honeybees more often than I'm used to. One even stopped for a photo shoot - after scaring my husband inside.

Heh, heh. Puny humans.

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  1. Beautiful bee photos!

    I was frightened of bees when I was a child too. Now I love them. I'm even on friendly terms with the wasps on my property. LOL! Now my only concern is that they sit still long enough so I can photograph them.