Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Craftiness

Today's Forecast: Mostly Sunny with a high of 53 degrees F

This past weekend was windy, mostly cloudy (for half of both days) and just a bit too chilly for me to work outside (save for some quick weeding) but I was determined to do something for the garden this weekend. (It's the only thing keeping me sane lately).

So, I decided to try my hand at rock art. Here in Maine, there is no shortage of interesting rocks. I use them for many things throughout the year. And while many of them are beautiful in their natural state, I thought it might be nifty to spruce some of them up.

So, for my first try, I decided to take one of the pretty gray ones and add one of my favorite bugs - the dragonfly. I think it turned out pretty well for my first try. It will be used to weigh down our little plastic table that tends to fly away if there's even the slightest of breezes:

I used some metallic paint to catch the sun. You can kind of see it here in this picture but it's much nicer 'in person.'

My next project was a big, fat lady beetle. Our house gets many of these beetles during the Fall and Spring so I had plenty of models to choose from.

First, I painted a big, round rock black (which was a mistake - never paint OVER black. Takes too many coats)

(Ignore the white rock - that's for another project I haven't finished yet).

Then, when that dried (which is pretty fast when using acrylics) I painted on the wings:

If I do another lady beetle in the future, I'll do it in the opposite manner - I'll paint the whole rock red and then paint the black over that, but I digress.

I added some eyes to the front - which looked pretty damn creepy at first:

Look into my dead, soulless eyes

When this all dried (and after a second coat of red paint) I added the dots and did some more work on the eyes to make him a bit more friendly.

I see what you did there

As you can see, even with those baby blues, he's still somewhat of a smart ass. That's all right. I'm sure his little all-knowing grin will garner him more attention.

I still have one more step - I need to get a sealer of some kind. I don't want his paint flaking off after all that work.

So, what do you think his name should be?


  1. What fun! I think I'd call him Alfie. I wish we had rocks here to paint on. Next trip inland...

    Meanwhile, I've been doing ceramic things for my garden. I'll have to take some pix and post those.

  2. I like the grey on grey of that dragonfly. I have lots of broken bricks in my garden; maybe I could do something with them!