Thursday, April 29, 2010


The local Big Box was having a sale on annuals and perennials and since I'm on their mailing list, I found out about it before the fliers went out in the mail tomorrow. I thought I could score some good plants.

I picked up some annuals for my planned containers. I've never planted these - and to be honest, I've never heard of them - but the price was right and the foliage was pretty. Here's hoping the flowers look just as good


I needed some mulch so I took a stroll around the rest of the greenhouse - as if I wouldn't have anyway. :) They also had some Azaleas marked down so I picked up a 'Crimson' - looks more hot pink to me.

Flaming Azalea
Azaleas are very common up here in Maine but not this shade. In fact, I've only ever seen one of this color in a yard in all my meandering around the state. I prefer it to the light purple that most people keep.

I also picked up a couple of rose bushes - nothing special but I need to replace the two that were eaten over the winter. I can only hope they don't fall to the same fate.

White and Yellow go good together - it sorta rhymes
 And last, my garden staple.

Merry Marigolds
They may be stinky, but they're good at keeping the deer away. I've only had trouble with deer once and that was last year before I had a chance to put out the Marigolds. These are also my husband's favorite garden flowers. He loves how bright and cheery they are and the fact that they stay that way all season long.

I'm going back later this weekend to pick up a few Hosta to fill in the empty, weedy spot between the Lilac bush and Phlox bed and a few plain terra cotta pots. Yes - I will be breaking out the paints again to liven them up. And yes, I know I should have bought them BEFORE buying the annuals to go inside them, but the sale was a surprise. I'll just have to keep the soil moist and hope they survive until Sunday.

Now that I've spent a few bucks it feels like the planting season has finally begun.

I can hear it now - frost warnings state wide. Ha!


  1. Hi, Brandi. I love lobelia. They don't last long down here in the summer's heat, but should do well in your climate. I remember them from living in England where they would cascade over garden walls. They also come in a beautiful brilliant blue, if you can find it. Dianthus are relatives of carnations, and also do well in your area.

    Your roses will be beautiful, I'm sure. My struggle is getting roses through our summers. I lost a lot of plants in our harsh winter, and have been buying furiously. My husband now cringes when he hears me jingle my car keys. (He knows where I'm going...)

    I heard you guys got snow?

  2. Deborah - the flash on my picture distorted the color, but the Lobelia I got is blue. It was one of the reasons I got it. :) I'm not sure if I got the 'draping' or 'stand up' variety since it wasn't labeled very well, but I'm hoping it cascades. I plan to get some Magenta Petunias and have a few 'waterfall' pots around the house.

  3. Lobelia...sign me up for some of that delicate blue delicate flower. Have not done my flower boxes yet. It's been cold and don't want to redo in Aroostook County.