Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet the Pets

Since I'm sure they'll be showing up in pictures every once in a while - they're both pretty hammy when it comes to cameras - I thought I should formally introduce you to the most important members of our family.

First is China, our beloved Pooch:

My favorite picture of China

We adopted China on December 7, 2002 and she's been our baby ever since. Despite being a wee bit neurotic, she is the best dog I have ever met. And that's not just bias - I've worked as a Vet Technician and a Kennel Worker for a Humane Society. I know dogs. ;)

We think she's a Boxer/Shar Pei/American Staffordshire mix but her look has been described as a Chihuahua with an overactive thyroid gland. Whatever she is, she's beautiful and she can get almost anything she wants with those big brown eyes.

As for Zoe, our cat, well, she's not perfect but we do love her:

Queen of the Grocery Bags

We adopted Zoe from a Maine shelter in August of 2007. She was very sweet at the shelter and she still is - when it suits her needs. Otherwise, she's a demon cat from hell. Okay, okay, she's not that bad, but she is pretty crazy, which I suppose is normal for cats. Fortunately, she likes China and there have never been any fights between the two.

Zoe is the only brown cat I've ever seen personally which is sometimes troubling because she makes both my husband and I crave chocolate.

They have their own blog (you'd be amazed at how well they type). If you're interested, here it is: The China Cabinet.

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  1. I have no pets, although I do insist that any spiders in the house are allowed to go about their business, free and unhindered.