Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it a bee?

A few posts back I showed you how I made my Lady Beetle rock (whom I did name Alfie - thanks Deborah!). Today, I'll show you how I made Beatrice, the Bee.

First, I found an oval shaped rock. Unfortunately, I chose one that was rather rough. Painting it took much longer than it should have because I had to make sure to get paint into all the little dips and crevasses. Also, this caused double drying times between steps.

Beatrice and Alfie Beginnings

Once that had dried, I painted it yellow. If you're wondering why I didn't just paint it yellow first, painting over white brightens the color.

Bright Yellow Makes for a Happy Bee

Once this had dried completely, I painted the black stripes.

Will the horizontal stripes make Beatrice look fat?

Finally, I painted the wings and Beatrice's face.

Happy Bee
The transparent nature of the wings was achieved by painting the outline and veins, letting it dry for about fifteen minutes and then painting inside the lines with a dry brush to spread the white paint that was still wet. I didn't wait long enough on the left wing and had to dab at it with a paper towel, which caused that hole. I'll know better next time.

When she was completely dry (and after I painted some pupils into her eyes) I sprayed her with lacquer and set her outside with Alfie.

Sun Bathing Insects

 This isn't their final location. I'll place them where ever I think some color and interest are needed. And in Alfie's case, where ever there's a severe lack of sarcasm.

Allsop Firefly Solar Garden Art with Glass Calla Lily


  1. Cute bug rocks!
    Long ago I used to know an elderly gentleman who's favorite thing was to tumble-polish rocks and glue on wiggle eyes.
    He would go around in public and give the rocks to people he thought could use a giggle and a bit of cheering up.

  2. It's glad to see that there are many of use who wear their utter insanity like a trophy! Keep up the mentalist work!

  3. What,IG, doesn't everyone paint rocks to look like huge bugs? I mean, it's the pinnacle of chic, isn't it? Or maybe you're referring to Alfie's sardonic grin.