Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

Today's Forecast: Party cloudy with a high of 65 degrees F - AKA "Perfect"

First, an explanation about the layout of this blog: I'm trying to make it look good AND function properly. I preferred the way it looked before - with the nice background image, etc. - but it made the blog so damned slow. So, I kept the same layout but went with a different background scheme. Hopefully for those of you who visit the actual blog, the improvement will be noticeable. For those reading through an RSS feed - it probably won't make any difference at all. :)

Now, onto this past weekend. For those of us up here in New England, wasn't it beautiful? Sunny, warm, a nice breeze - perfect outdoor work weather and outdoor work was what I had planned.

You see, over the winter we 'wrap' our old house up by banking the base of the house with bags of leaves. This is to help insulate and stop drafts. It works, but when Springtime comes - oh my god, the house looks awful. I mean, look at this:

Or this:

Ugh. It's so ugly. Fortunately, any Mainers driving by know the purpose of all that mess, but still, as soon as I can, I get out there to make our house presentable.

And this year, I was driven. It usually takes me a couple of days to get all those bags piled up. Good timing was on my side this past Saturday - which is a very rare commodity in this house - and the FIL came by to say that he'd by by later with the trailer to haul the bags away so he could compost the leaves in the big family pile. Yippee!

So, for seven hours straight I dragged bags, raked loose leaves, taped drainpipes, pulled dead rose bushes and generally made the place presentable. Check it out:

And as an added bonus, I found that the moles hadn't devoured EVERYthing. They left me my Hosta and a few Day Lillies. My Iris tubers are still there, although gnawed, so I might be able to save them. I am going to move them, however. Passers by could never see the white flowers against the white house, anyway.

Hostas Peeking Through

Day Lilly Sprouts
As for Sunday, it was a restful day. We had a turkey dinner with the extended family and then watched movies until bedtime.

Now, onto the more detailed outside work and then....FLOWERS!

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