Monday, March 29, 2010


Forecast for today and tomorrow: Rain, rain and more rain at about 40 degrees F
Forecast for the rest of the week: Sun, sun and more sun with highs in the high 60s and low 70s F

For the next two days it's supposed to rain - heavily but after that it's supposed to be gorgeous again. (And when you read that 'gorgeous' I suggest you channel Lionel Stander from the credit sequence from the TV show 'Hart to Hart.' Don't know what I mean? Watch this: Hart to Hart Opening Credits )

This past weekend I bought a few Hyacinth. I plan to set them outside along with some potted daffodils and tulips and then, when it's consistently warm enough, plant them around the existing family tulip plot. Of course, they're supposed to get lots of sun - several hours a day. Right now, they're stuck in my kitchen, whimpering because they're not going to get any for two more days.

Hopefully they can hold out.


  1. Hello Brandi !
    Thank you so much for fav'ing my blog I appreciate your reading it and liking it : )
    The winter seems to have driven me over the edge .. well .. the raccoon adventures have really done it. BUT ! garden season is coming and my Spring bulbs are waving at me so I think I might come back to life and the land of the sane eventually again : )
    Lovely blue skies here girl !
    Joy : )

  2. It's raining everywhere, seemingly. It's a bit like when Jonathon and Jennifer get together; MOYDER!