Monday, March 22, 2010

Signs of Spring

Our first day of Spring was gorgeous. It was sunny and so warm that I wore shorts for most of the day. Unfortunately, a cold snap has set in and the high today was only 45. Oh well. We normally don't have warm days like we had last week until at least April.

There are still signs of Spring around the farmhouse. As I posted yesterday, everything I've personally planted has been eaten but there are plenty of plants around that have been here for ages and are doing just fine.

The Lilac bush has started budding. I was worried that it wouldn't do well this year. My Father-in-Law (who is becoming a main character on this blog, isn't he?) did some 'pruning' on it last Spring - right as it was in full bloom. He basically gutted the poor thing and I'm pleased to see that it seems to have done well over the winter. Time will tell if it actually flowers this season.

According to the family, these tulips have been here for decades. When we moved in, only one flower bloomed at a time - for at least two years. Apparently, only one had bloomed for over ten years. Then the next year, we had three tulips. Last year, there were seven. It looks as if there will be multiple flowers again. Yay!

At the far end of our field is a pussy willow bush. It's technically on the plot of land that also holds our farmhouse, but it really goes with our Aunt's house next door. Either way, it was nice to see it opening up.

For the most part, everything is still brown but things are slowly waking up. And even when brown, the glow of the sun makes everything beautiful, even our little detached garage.

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