Sunday, March 21, 2010

I hate moles

Yeah, I know no gardener really likes moles, but this year I have even more reason to hate the little buggers.

I have no plants left. None, zip, nada. Every plant I have planted on this property has been eaten by moles. This includes two rose bushes, three Iris plants, some Hosta, an Astilbe plant and groundcover Phlox. The insulation that the Father-in-Law insists we put around the house ever winter has turned into the perfect winter housing for moles and of course, that's where all my flower beds are. Not only did we provide them with housing this winter, we also dished out their  meals as well.



  1. Hi there! You should enter Sweeney's 4th Annual "I hate moles because.." contest. The contest launches April 1, 2010. Details can be found at Or, check out this video with details.

  2. Good idea. It's nice to vent. :)